Team Effectiveness Assessment™

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Using our fully customizable Team Effectiveness Assessment™ you can gather valuable information about the performance factors that need to be improved.

The Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA) is a fully customizable online and self-administered instrument you can deploy to gather valuable information about the most important issues confronting team performance.

We provide step by step instructions and an online coach to guide you! We will guide you from the setup of the assessment (including project planning, communications, and customizable assessment content).

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The first phase of this process includes the implementation, data analysis, and reporting of the Team Effectiveness Assessment™. This assessment is considered a primary data collection strategy for the completion of any team or organization analysis.

The assessment will provide the organization, departments, teams, and team members with specific feedback and data on the critical factors of high performance. This data collection is an important component in investigating and identifying the strengths and gaps between organizational strategy, expected performance outcomes, people, behaviors, and processes.

The completely customizable categories of this assessment include eight critical performance factors that have been demonstrated to influence employee performance:

  • Organization Mission, Values, Strategy Alignment
  • Structure, Systems, Processes
  • Information/Communication Systems
  • Teamwork and Support
  • The Leadership of the Organization or Team
  • Talent Management Processes for Employees
  • Perceptions of Role within Team
  • Barriers and Enablers to Success

Do you have initiatives (i.e. new incentive programs, operations quality initiatives, customer service programs etc.) going on that you need to assess or gather feedback on? Our process enables you to add your own questions to the assessment for even more personalized assessment data!