About Us

TEAMEFFECTIVE.COM is a collaboration of technical and professional expertise in the Human Resources market between OP Group in the UK and ICPI in the US.

OP Group


OP Group is a leading provider of HR consulting, Learning & Development programmes and an innovative developer of web based solutions including:

  • Performance Management
  • The Team Effectiveness Process
  • Employee Retention Products

OPG has a comprehensive suite of skill, behaviour and attitude development tools linked with proven personal development processes and structures. Each programme is tailored to the clients individual needs and run in-house to provide maximum financial and learning returns.

OPG have considerable experience of providing team building programmes from team fun days at one extreme to enabling dysfunctional teams to make decisions and work together at the other end of the spectrum.

iCPI Consulting


At ICPI we specialize in accelerating improved performance and profitability through our comprehensive strategic alignment analysis, performance analysis, competency/skill gap analysis, and measurement processes.  We take the guesswork out of your human resource performance issue(s) by identifying the underlying cause or causes using a thorough customized front-end analysis or assessment. We then identify the expected outcomes with you so that every project actually begins with the end in mind…and no one is surprised by the results.

Patrick Whalen Ph.D. the Principle at iCPI is credited with being the chief designer and motivator behind the Team Effectiveness Process.