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Do you want to improve your team’s performance?
Do you know what performance factors need improving?

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  The Team Effectiveness Process™ (TEP) will help you determine:
  • How you can improve sales, production, customer service and/or effectiveness of various teams throughout the organization.
  • Whether your employees are engaged and committed to success.
  • If there is a clear vision and understanding between goals and performance expectations.
  • The most important and urgent performance improvement actions that need to be addressed.
  • What performance actions will yield the greatest business results.
The Team Effectiveness Process™ is ideal for any team (sales and marketing, human resources, finance, customer service, production, manufacturing, administration, etc.). This process works for current functioning teams that just want to improve performance and business impact; For newly formed teams to get a jump start on actions that will be most important to meet expected performance; and, teams in transition to maintain focus and work on the most important actions.

What makes this process work for you!

No need to bring in consultants or create long drawn out processes for doing surveys and assessments that take too long just to get the results, and by the time you get the results everything has changed. Get your data immediately and begin setting up performance improvement action plans right away! This process is completely driven by YOUR team and is all online. It is great for virtual teams and teams that have members in different locations!

Not sure how to launch an assessment? We provide step by step instructions and an online coach to guide you! We will guide you from the setup of the assessment (including project planning, communications, and customizable assessment content) through the launch, to the reporting and action planning process. Once the survey is launched, you (and/or team members) will be able to review your team’s data and build custom reports to begin putting those most critical things into action!

The Team Effectiveness Process™ consists of these primary components:

1. The Team Effectiveness Assessment™ (TEA) - a fully customizable online and self-administered instrument you can deploy with your team to gather valuable information about the most important issues confronting team performance.

2. Comprehensive Data Reporting: with demographics, response distributions, means, standard deviations, and the team’s overall Team Effectiveness Quotient™ (a calculated formula and benchmark target derived from the scores on the TEA) that can be trended over time. These basic statistical calculations are used and reviewed by team members to prioritize team performance actions.

3. The Performance Action Planning Process – using the data gathered from your team assessment you then utilize a full scale online action planning process will assist the leadership and team members in identifying strengths and gaps between functional strategy, people, behaviors, and processes. This comprehensive approach will assist in determining priorities, identifying solutions, development needs, and establishing metrics to monitor your objectives towards becoming a more effective team or department.

The Team Effectiveness Process™ is designed specifically to provide collective data back to the team to measure the perceptions of team members regarding process and system drivers essential to the meeting the strategy and key performance measures. The process also will enable managers and employees at all levels to take action on those drivers that are most critical to improve your team’s performance and your bottom line!

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